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Are Pupsicles safe for puppies?Updated 3 months ago

Are Pupsicles safe for puppies?

Great question, and the answer is yes! Pupsicles a re a great tool that can grow with your Puppy, and help them adjust through new changes like crates, nail trims, or keeping calm around new friends. For best results, we have a couple rules for puppies:

1. Supervise: As you are probably already aware, those puppy teeth are SHARP! Since puppy teeth are both sharper and narrower than adult teeth, they are expertly qualified to shred and puncture. Make sure to supervise your puppy with the Pupsicle to encourage licking over chewing, and remove immediately if you noticed your dog is removing pieces of the Pupsicle. 

2. Measure: We want to make sure your little pup is big enough for a Pupsicle! Besides their weight, we want to check that their lower jaw (canine tooth to canine tooth on the bottom row)  is wider than the hole in the top of the Pupsicle to avoid it getting stuck on their canine teeth. Sizing of the hole in the top of the Pupsicle below:

- Large Pupsicle hole in top: 1" in diameter. 
- Small Pupsicle hole in top: 0.9" in diameter
- XL Pupsicle hole in top: 1.5" diameter

3. Stock UpCheck out our Puppy pack, which has all the supplies your new furry friend will need! This includes a power chewer pupsicle, pops, a treat tray, love nuggets training treats, a training clicker, and business bags.

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