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Benefits of Woof Bully SticksUpdated 3 months ago

What Makes Woof's Bully Sticks Special?

Turns out, a lot! The top heavy hitters are as follows:

1. Sustainably Sourced: You can rest easy giving our bully sticks to your dog, knowing that they come from free-range, hormone free, grass-fed cattle and are sourced directly from our suppliers in Brazil. We love cutting out the middle man and putting some coin back in your pocket!

2. Premium Grade: We are proud to offer odor free bully sticks! In addition to being odor-free, we made sure to make them extra durable, so they will last your pup even longer, meaning more time for you!

3. Great for Teeth: While your dog is hard at work chewing away, they are also scrubbing off pesky plaque and tartar with those chomps. We call that a win-win 😎


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