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Introducing Your pup to PopsUpdated 2 months ago

Tummy Tales: Introducing Your Pup to Pops 

Here at Woof headquarters, we've gathered up some paw-some tips and tricks for slowly introducing your precious pup to our Pops, especially if they're prone to tummy troubles.  We're all about making sure your fur baby's belly stays as happy as the rest of them while enjoying a pop! However, it's important to note that if your pup experiences any gastrointestinal upset even after a gradual introduction, it's best to discontinue use and consult your veterinarian. 

1. Sprinkle Pops into your Pups Diet: Taking it slow with our Pops helps support your  pup’s precious microbiome. A gradual introduction allows their gut buddies to  acclimate smoothly to new ingredients, ensuring a harmonious and happy tummy  for your beloved furry companion. 

a. Here’s how: Simply break off small pieces from one Pop and sprinkle them  over your pup's food each day until you've used up the entire Pop. It's a gradual and tasty way to introduce the goodness of our Pops into your furry friend's daily routine.  

2. Timed Licking: If you prefer not to sprinkle the pop gradually over your pup's food, no worries! You can opt for timed licking sessions instead. Similar to sprinkling small bits over your pup's food, this method gently integrates the ingredients into your pup's daily routine. 

a. Here's how: Your pup will typically take around 20-45 minutes to enjoy a Pop  fully. Allow them to lick it in short bursts of 5 to 10 minutes daily. Keep up this routine until your pup has savored every last lick. 

3. Half the Fun: Fortunately, our Pops are soft enough to be easily cut in half! This allows your pup to enjoy their Pupsicle at their own pace while receiving only half the portion, helping their tummy gradually adjust to the Pop's ingredients. 

a. Here's how:  Just slice the Pop in half, pop it into the Pupsicle, and let your  furry friend enjoy. Keep an eye on their bowel movements, and after a week or two of offering half the portion, you can gradually increase to a full pop.

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