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My Pupsicle is StuckUpdated 8 months ago

Help, my pupsicle is stuck!

We've got you covered! After using your Pupsicle for awhile, we sometimes find that it can get a bit sticky which causes some difficulty in separating the two pieces. Here are a few tricks to try out:

1. Hold your pupsicle gently when trying to unscrew it. It's natural to hold the Pupsicle tight while trying to unscrew it, but this can put additional pressure on the threads, which keeps them stuck. 

2. When the two pieces are separated, put a little olive oil on the threads to grease them up a bit. This will help to keep the gears operating smoothly!

3. Soak in warm water, and then roll your pupsicle against the counter (like you're rolling a lime). The warm water can help to dislodge any stuck food, and rolling it afterward will help finish loosening up anything that gets stuck.

4. Try storing your pupsicle in the freezer for a little bit and then trying to separate it. The cold temperatures can help to contract the rubber a bit so that it won't stick!

For a demonstration of a few of these techniques, check out our video here!

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