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Pop Size in the XL PupsicleUpdated 3 months ago

If you've got a big dog and have seen our Pupsicle before, you might be confused by the size of your pops in your pupsicle! Specifically, you may notice that the pop does not reach all the way up to the hole at the top where your dog will lick it out. 

The main reason for this is that if we have made the XL pops any larger, they would have been reclassified as a meal supplement! Pops are pretty calorie dense, and we want to avoid any unwanted weight gain in dogs of any size. 

As far as using the XL Pupsicle, we've found that a smaller pop creates a different challenge, since the treat rolls around inside the Pupsicle, creating some extra interest. That being said if you want your XL pops to reach the top of the Pupsicle, we would recommend freezing a pop into a treat tray of water or broth. This should give your pop some extra height! 

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