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Pupsicle Colors: What to ChooseUpdated 3 months ago

We offer a variety of colors of the Pupsicle:

Green: Green is our classic color, and represents the Classic Pupsicle! This model is best for gentle to moderate chewers. 
Lavender: This is our newest permanent color! Lavendar is going to be the same as green in terms of hardness for gentle to moderate chewers.

Black: The black color is our new Power chewer, and recommended for intense chewers! It is made from extra tough material and built to stand up to everything from puppy teeth to “must rip out the stuffing” pups!  

All other Limited edition colors: These will be comparable to the classic green Pupsicle in terms of their rubber strength. Check out our website to see what colors we have now, and collect them all!

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