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Pupsicle Pops FAQsUpdated 4 months ago

How many Pops are in a bag?

Size small Pops contain 10 Pops per bag, and size large Pops contain 7 Pops per bag.

How long do the Pops last?

It depends how food motivated your dog is, but the average duration is about 30 minutes. You can always refrigerate or freeze the treats if you want to make them last longer!

What are the ingredients in the Pops?

Great treats use great ingredients! Our pops are peanut butter (roasted peanuts), chicken (or beef) plasma, beef tallow, tapioca starch, vegetable glycerin, brewers dried yeast, date syrup, soy lecithin, beef gelatin, blueberry powder.

Do I have to refrigerate Pops?

No need! Our Pupsicle Pops are shelf-stable and great for on-the-go adventures!

Where are the Pops made?

All of our Pops are made in sunny Denver, Colorado.

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