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Ingredients & Nutrition

FInd answers for all your ingredients and nutrition related questions here

Treats: What ingredients do you use?

Peanut Butter (Dry Roasted Peanuts), Chicken Plasma, Beef Tallow, Brewers Dried Yeast, Tapioca Starch, Vegetable Glycerin, Date Paste, Soy Lecithin, Beef Gelatin, Blueberry PowderBeef Pupsicle Pops: Peanut Butter (Dry Roasted Peanuts), Beef Plasma, B

Toppers & Treats Nutritional Information

Doggy Broth contains 595kcals per bag. Calories per dosage will depend on the concentration of the broth vs water ratio. There's about 12 tbsp of broth/bag and if you follow the instructions on the bag, each bag will make about 36 small pops, 15 larg

Pupsicle Recipes

One of the best things about the Pupsicle is the variety that you can give your pup - The possibilities are endless! Our Pupsicle recipes can all be found here, but we've also linked a few of our favorites below. Try them out and let us know what you

Salmon Oil Nutritional Information

Is your dog itchy? Salmon Oil might be the solution! Our Salmon oil is made from 100% pure Alaskan Salmon oil, and is packed full of benefits for your dog. From reducing inflammation, to skin and coat support (which can improve allergy symptoms), to

Pops Nutritional Information

We want you to know exactly what you are giving your pet! To that end, we have provided a nutrition breakdown for each Pops flavor as well as our other products, listed below. Additionally noting that our pops are shelf stable for up to 1yr if unopen

Benefits of Woof Bully Sticks

Turns out, a lot! The top heavy hitters are as follows:1. Sustainably Sourced: You can rest easy giving our bully sticks to your dog, knowing that they come from free-range, hormone free, grass-fed cattle and are sourced directly from our suppliers i

Supplements: What ingredients do you use?

We want the best for you and your pup! Our products are all made in the USA with high quality ingredients. Please see the ingredients in our supplement products below. To learn more about our ingredients, check out our Research Hub here!All-In-1 Heal

Pops + Your Pup's Microbiome

Imagine this: You've just spoiled your furry friend with a new treat, but suddenly, they're not feeling their usual perky selves. Just like us, some pups have sensitive stomachs, and introducing something new can throw their tummies for a loop. But w