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My package showing as delivered but I can't find itUpdated 3 months ago

Does your tracking show that your package was delivered, but you can't find it anywhere? Don't worry, we'll help you figure it out! The first steps to try will be as follows:

1. Check your tracking information. Depending on the carrier, there will sometimes be photo proof showing where the package was left. This can be a valuable clue in tracking down where your package was delivered!

2. Be patient for 1-2 days. Sometimes shipping carriers will mark a package as delivered as they are going out on their route, since it will be delivered that day. Just in case this is what's happening to you, try waiting a day just to make sure your package doesn't arrive the afternoon

3. Check with your neighbors. Every now and then, packages simply get delivered to the wrong house!

4. Contact your shipping carrier. Whether it's UPS or USPS, those folks will be the most likely to be able to find your package if it's in the area! Occasionally packages have to be picked up at a post office due to things like an address not being validated, or a P.O. box. 

5. If nothing else has worked, please fill out a return/exchange request form here, so we can work with you on next steps. We want to help you get this figured out!

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