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Power Chewer FAQs

Great question! The easiest way to tell if your dog is a power chewer pup would be to look at their other toys. Does your dog rip the stuffing out of any soft toy? Do they gnaw away on bones and hard toys like it’s their full time job? If so, then th

Pupsicle Colors: What to Choose

We offer a variety of colors of the Pupsicle:. Green: Green is our classic color, and represents the Classic Pupsicle! This model is best for gentle to moderate chewers. Lavender: This is our newest permanent color! Lavendar is going to be the same a

My Pupsicle is Stuck

We've got you covered! After using your Pupsicle for awhile, we sometimes find that it can get a bit sticky which causes some difficulty in separating the two pieces. Here are a few tricks to try out:. 1. Hold your pupsicle gently when trying to unsc

Pupsicle Sizing

We want to ensure your Pupsicle is the right size for your Pup! Our Pupsicle sizing is as follows:Small: 2.9" in diameter and 2.2" tall with the hole in the middle (where your pup will try to get at the treat inside) being about 0.9".

Pupsicle FAQs

The Pupsicle unscrews in the middle, making it super easy to fill, clean, and use as a dog distraction. Because it opens in the middle, you can fill it with extremely long-lasting treats or even pre-freeze treats to use later when you need them!. We’

Are Pupsicles safe for puppies?

Great question, and the answer is yes! Pupsicles a re a great tool that can grow with your Puppy, and help them adjust through new changes like crates, nail trims, or keeping calm around new friends. For best results, we have a couple rules for puppi

Pop Size in the XL Pupsicle

If you've got a big dog and have seen our Pupsicle before, you might be confused by the size of your pops in your pupsicle! Specifically, you may notice that the pop does not reach all the way up to the hole at the top where your dog will lick it out