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Updating your subscription frequency

Subscription frequency refers to how often your subscription shipments are delivered. Follow these steps to update your subscription delivery frequency

Changing the date of your next shipment

Changing the date of your next shipment refers to the date on which your subscription renews each month. Follow these steps below to change the date of your next delivery.

Skip your next shipment

We know life can get hectic sometimes, and you might need to skip a month here and there! Follow these steps to skip your next shipment:

Editing your subscription items

When adding an item to your subscription, take care to check the date of delivery for the items you already have, and make them the same to save on shipping fees! Follow these steps to add a product to your subscription

Update your subcription shipping address

Life happens, people move! Please follow the steps below to update your shipping address:

Updating the quantity or swapping an item in your subscription

Your Woof account gives you lots of options so you can customize to treat your pup exactly like the royalty they are! If you would like to change the quantity of an item in your current subscription or swap one item out for another of equal value,

Canceling your subscription

We're sorry to hear you'd like to cancel your subscription! Please follow the steps below to do so:

What Am I Subscribing To?

We get it - there are a lot of choices for any kind of subscription these days, and you want to make sure that you're only signing up for what you need! When you purchase a bundle from Woof that has a subscription option, you will see the subscriptio

When am I billed for my subscription order?

We've all had that feeling of forgetting to cancel a subscription! Rest easy, because with Woof you won't be charged for your subscription order until the moment it processes, which is the day in your account that your subscription is set to renew. T

Subscription FAQs

Autoship is part of our subscribe & save program. It allows you to sign up for regular deliveries of your favorite dog products and to save money in the process. When you select one time purchase, you are choosing to buy it one time. When you choose